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War Pirates: Heroes of the Seas (Sen no Kaizoku) 戦の海賊 made by SEGA is a pirate-themed adventure game that has a mix of base building features and exciting real-time sea combat. Players organize fleets made from a variety of pirates and ships in order to rule the seas.

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Learn the things you need to learn, then conquer the Seven Seas!

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Look at who you can recruit. Famous Pirates awaits your call!

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Fill your Hideout with these amazing ships!

Now your journey begins!

Sail the Seven Seas of War Pirates, a world populated by humans and numerous races. Fall into an epic journey to rescue a princess who has been captured by a band of pirates and decipher the mystery of the lost treasure of the fabled pirate Zess. Old and new buccaneers hum to the melody of the "Song of the Legendary Pirate".

Assemble your crew, build your ships, man the helm and set sail to be the first to discover the legendary treasure. Raise your anchors and let your epic adventure... Begin!

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