Game Information


Title: War Pirates (Sen no Kaizoku) | 戦の海賊

Genre: RTS, Strategy

App Size: 31.7MB + Additional DLC

Content Rating: 7+, Mild Violence

Platform Types: Mobile

Apple Device: iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+ Min. Spec: iOS7+Android Device: Any Mobile / Tablet Min. Spec: Android OS4.1+

Hideout Interface (The Basics)

The image below shows a few things you need to know upon entering the world of War Pirates. These details will play an important part in your adventures in the open seas.

File:User Interface.jpg

Player Level and Pirate Leader

The icon of your Pirate Leader is located at the upper left portion of the screen. When you tap on the icon, available pirates in your crew will appear and you can assign a pirate who you want to become leader. Displayed beside the Pirate Leader icon is the player's current level, experience points and name. The players' Experience Points increases every time quests or battles are completed. When a certain amount of Experience Point is acquired, the player's level will increase. Consequently, the player’s maximum number of friends, maximum stamina value and recovery will also increase.

Stamina Points

Stamina Points are consumed whenever a player starts a quest. One (1) point of Stamina is automatically recovered every 3 minutes. Stamina Points can also be replenished by tapping on the + button at the right side of the Stamina bar by consuming Gems or Stamina Recovery potions.


Gold is the currency in the world of War Pirates and is used to upgrade ships and buildings in your hideout. It can be obtained from enemy ships in quests, treasure boxes from the main map, as quest reward, and also from your own gold ship in your hideout. You can also get gold in the Treasure Island (special map) quests.


Food is the main resource used for scouting other pirates, crews and pets. It can also used for enhancing your pirates. It can be obtained from enemy ships in quests, treasure boxes from the main map, as quest reward, and also from your own food ship in your hideout. You can also get gold in the Treasure Island (special map) quests.


Gems are the most valuable resource available which can help turn the tides of battle in War Pirates. Gems can be obtained for free in login bonuses and certain quests in the game. You can also get more Gems by purchasing it from the cash shop. Simply tap on the + button at the right side of the Gem bar to access the shop. (Note: Other Interface sections will be discussed in greater detail in other parts of the wiki.)


Recruiting Pirates

You can recruit new pirates through the Lottery system, scouting and by collecting wanted posters. In addition, some pirates may eventually join you when advancing through the main and sub stories.


You can get a random pirate in the Lottery system. Currently, there are two kinds:

Pirate Lottery: 3-5 Star Pirates are available in the Lottery and can be acquired randomly by consuming a certain number of gems.

Normal Lottery: By using up Pirate Points, you can randomly get Pirate Rewards, pets and other worthwhile items.


You can scout for new pirate heroes, crew and pets at the Tavern which is located inside your hideout. They can be recruited by exchanging a specific number of Food, Gems or Wanted Posters.

Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters can be obtained by completing quests or via login bonuses. You can recruit a pirate by collecting a specific number of Wanted Posters as indicated in the Tavern.

Pirate Skills

Triggered Skills

These are the special skills that a player can activate during a battle. A skill gauge is displayed below a pirate’s icon and this indicates when a skill can be used. The gauge fills up as time passes during battle, but note that the speed of the gauge filling up is different from each pirate. When the skill gauge is full, the pirate icon will be highlighted and the player can activate the skill upon tapping it. Once used, the skill gauge will be empty and the player must wait for the gauge to fill up again to reuse the skill.

Passive Skills

These are the pirates’ passive skills that are already in effect right from the start of the battle.

Pirate Class


These are pirates who attack the enemy from a distance. Musketeers will fire at the closest target in their range.

Ship Defenders

These are pirates who prioritize defense over offense. With these trusty ship defenders, damage from cannons and artillery will be reduced significantly.

Artillery Troops

These pirates specialize in the use and enhancement of Artillery Ships. Most of the Artillery Troops skills affect and is dependent on your Artillery Ships. As an example, if an Artillery Troop is placed on an Artillery Ship, it increases the number of cannonballs fired.


These pirates utilize magic to make an attack from a safe distance. The spellcasters’ attack power increases each time a triggered skill is performed during battle.


These are on board doctors whose primary duty is to heal allies and repair ships.


These pirates are skillful at using the sword and attack enemies at a closer range. Swordsmen will make short work of any enemy who enters their attack range.

Dual-Dagger Wielders

These pirates are as skillful as Swordsmen, but can be twice as deadly. They attack and slice enemies faster because of their lighter weapons.

Avian Units

These are pirates possessing the power of flight! Any melee attacks from below will not be able to reach or harm them. The skies are their domain and they will swoop down on the nearest enemy within their range.

Cannon Smashers

These pirates are bent on pounding enemy artillery ships and cannons to a pulp. Once the battle begins, they will home into their intended target and try to eliminate the enemy’s big guns as soon as possible.

Ship Wreckers

These pirates’ top priority in battle is to put enemy ships at the bottom of the sea - where they belong!

Pirate Development

Pirates’ level and status will improve as their experience increases. Moreover, pirates can further be enhanced through other means, mainly by using the “Combination” and “Evolution” system.

Battle Experience

Pirates who lend a hand in winning battles will gain Battle Experience points which helps them level up.


Choose a pirate you want to combine with and level it up faster by using the strength of other pirate heroes! An amount of Food is consumed during this process and the pirates used to increase the level of a target pirate hero you wish to level up will be removed from your roster permanently.

File:Training Grounds.jpg

For more information regarding the Combination system, please refer to the “More on Pirate Development” section of the Wiki.


Evolution is a process where a Pirate’s rarity (Star Value) is raised.

For more information regarding the Evolution System, please refer to the “More on Pirate Development” section of the Wiki.


Construction and Availability

Whenever a specific quest is cleared, a new ship may become available for you to build and add to your fleet. While inside the hideout, a button will appear at the right side of the screen when a ship is available for you to build. By tapping the construction button, a ship list will be displayed. Tap on the ship of your choice to start building it.

Ship Classifications

Mother Ship

The Mother Ship can only be placed at the back row. You can assign a pirate of any class on the Mother Ship and their skills and abilities will be enhanced during battle. The Mother Ship is displayed at the ship lineup with a Multi-colored frame. If you designate an artillery class pirate on the Mother Ship, the number of cannonballs your cannons will `fire will increase.

Armored Ship

Armored Ships can only be placed at the front row. Place any defensive class pirates on Armored Ships to have their attributes enhanced. Armored Ships are displayed at the ship lineup with a Blue frame.

Warrior Ship

Assault Ships can only be placed at the front row. Place any offensive class pirates on Assault Ships and their attributes will be enhanced. Assault Ships are displayed at the Ship Lineup with a Green frame.

Artillery Ship

Artillery Ships can only be placed at the middle. Place any artillery class pirates on Artillery Ships and their attributes will be enhanced. Artillery Ships are displayed at the Ship Lineup with a Red frame.

Support Ship

Support Ships can only be placed at the middle of the lineup. Place any Support class pirates on Support Ships and their attributes will be enhanced. Support Ships are displayed at the ship lineup with a White frame.

Upgrading Ships

Upgrading your ships can be done by consuming Gold. A ship’s level increases every time it is upgraded. You can raise a ship’s level and strength by upgrading it with blueprints and gold. Blueprints can be gathered through completing quests and events.

Ship Equipment

Ship equipment will be added if you continue to upgrade your ship and a certain level is reached. Ship equipment can also be upgraded by paying gold. To upgrade, just tap the ship equipment and upgrade once you have the required gold cost.


Attributes determines and defines a certain ship or pirate’s role in battle. There are four types of types of pirates attributes. Assault (Green), Armor (Blue), Artillery (Red) and Support (White).


As illustrated in the diagram above, there is a correlation between pirates and ships attributes. When an attack from strong attributes deals damage to the weak attribute, it will gives a higher damage than usual. Defense also works this way but in reverse. Support is not included in this relationship. Support Types there has no weakness or strengths to a particular attribute.Example: Assault types will deal more damage to and receive less damage from Defense type ships or pirates.


War Pirates features a lot of fun and challenging quests. Some quests allow you to gain access to new areas or get new items. Not all quests can be accessed by anyone as there are special and condition-based quests which will only be opened to the most foolhardy and fearless pirates.

Types of Quests

There are roughly six (6) types of quests in War Pirates. These are the following:

  • Main story, which when completed allows you to advance in the map
  • Sub story, which shows you another part of the overall story
  • General quests
  • Pirate Awakening quests
  • Treasure Island quests
  • Bloodline

Main Story

These are quests you need to complete for the main story to progress. If you clear all of the main story in a given map, the route to the next area opens.

Sub Story

These are alternate quests that are also available under the main story menu which gives more information about the storyline.

General Quests

These are quests that do not feature a story to progress or open a new route to be explored. These quests sometimes yield Wanted Posters as rewards!


As pirates constantly become stronger and their levels higher, a specific pirate story quest opens up. Upon completion, pirates will be awakened, gain additional skills and will become stronger. They will also gain an additional cool look.

Special Maps

There are special campaigns within a certain map, one of which is called the Treasure Island where the Day of the Week and Hidden quests are held. Also, there's an event called "Bloodline" will take place.

Treasure Island

Here is where the Day of the Week and Hidden quests occur.

Day of the Week Quests

It's a quest that is held once a day. There is a feature for each day of the week.

Monday: Green Blueprint is available

Tuesday: Blue Blueprint can be obtained

Wednesday: Red Blueprint is Available

Thursday: A lot of Food

Friday: A lot of Gold

Sat. and Sun.: All of the above open.

Hidden Quest

It is a quest that can only be accessed under certain conditions. Hidden quests that have been opened can be shared with friends. But keep in mind that hidden quests will close after a certain period of time has passed.


Formidable enemies are lying in wait, this is a battle for valuable treasure! This feature will be available when the story quests 2-12 have been cleared.


Health Points of Ships and Pirates will not recover unless the Bloodline in the map has been restarted. Making full use of all your ships and pirates is essential in clearing this challenge.


When you press the Restart button, progress of Bloodline will end and your ships will return to its initial state. During the start of the day, your Restart count will recover. You can only use the restart button once a day.


How Battles Are Fought

Battles start by assigning a certain number of ships during a mission. The number of ships you can bring differs every quest.

Upon pressing the Battle Start button, pirates will start to attack the opposing fleet automatically so be mindful of the pirates you choose to bring in battles!

Battle Interface 1 (Getting Ready)

File:Battle Interface-0.jpg

Line Up

Line Up is the maximum number of ships that can be deployed for battle.

Recommended Set Up

Pirates will be automatically assigned to their recommended ships for greater efficiency in battle.

Battle Power

This is the total strength value of your currently deployed fleet.


Battle will not proceed and stamina points will not be consumed.

Deployed Fleet

Displays ships that are ready for deployment. Swipe to the left to view the enemy's fleet.


Battle will commence and stamina points will be consumed according to the displayed value.

Change Ship Line Up

Sorts ships that are currently in your possession in ascending order of the chosen criteria.

Pirate Substitution

Sorts pirates that are currently in your crew in ascending order of the chosen criteria.

Current Ship Line Up

Displays the ships that are currently in your possession.

Current Pirate List

Displays the pirates that are currently in your possession.

Battle Interface 2 (Battle Start)

File:Screenshot 2015-10-16-14-59-39.png

(1) Auto Battle

This button will switch the Auto Battle Mode On or Off. This mode will not be available in quests that has not been cleared yet.

(2) Fleet Gauge

The total strength of your fleet and your enemy’s. On the left side is the strength value of your fleet (green) and at the right side is the enemy fleet (red). A timer under the gauge displays how much time is left in the battle. If you fail to defeat the enemy before the time is up, you will lose the battle.

(3) Battle Menu

When you tap on this button, you have the option of either pause the battle or end it.

(4) Battle Logs

Battle information will be displayed in detail.

(5) Victory Condition

These are the conditions needed to be accomplished to achieve victory.

(6) Ally/Enemy Fleet

You can see your own ships and pirates as well as your enemy’s. You may also zoom in or out for a better view.

(7) “Start Battle” Button

The battle will begin once you tap this button.

(8) Resources Acquired

This shows the number of gold and food that you can get upon winning the battle.

(9) Crew List

A display of the pirates in your crew and their status. You may trigger a Pirate’s skill when you tap on their icon.

(10) Cannon Fire

The number of times you can fire your cannons. Whenever you sink an enemy ship, you will receive more cannonballs to fire with.

Battle Operation

Once the battle is initiated, fleets will attack automatically. You can activate the skill triggers of pirates and use cannons by tapping on the screen. Tap a specific area in the screen to fire cannonballs in that direction. Note that your own ships and pirates cannot be damaged by your cannons. There is also a reload time each time you use your cannons so it cannot be fired again until the end of the reload time. The number of your cannonballs will increase whenever you destroy an enemy ship or their ammo box.

Victory/Defeat Conditions

Win: Victory is achieved once the win conditions are met.

Lose: A battle is lost when all your pirates and ships are eliminated or the time limit has elapsed.


A Hideout is basically your home base in War Pirates. It will be your and your crew’s personal space. Here you’ll get to construct, upgrade and utilize structures for the advancement of your resources, crew, ships and quests.

Upgrading of Structures

Upgrading of structures are started by selecting the structure you wish to upgrade. A specific amount of Gold is required for this activity. When the construction time is complete, level of the structure increases and its effect will be enhanced. Construction time of the structure can also be shortened by using Gems.

Pirate’s Quarters

In the Pirate’s Quarters, you can manage all the pirate you currently have in your crew. You can check out their statuses, crew set and other information regarding your pirates.


In the Tavern you can recruit various pirates, crews and pets using various means. There’s the Lottery system which requires Gems, Scouting which requires Food or Wanted Posters and using Pirate Points. Scoutings will be accessible by clearing the story quests 1-4.

Pirate Lottery

Obtain pirates, crews and pets by using Gems. Make sure you tap the "details" button of each Lottery to avoid unnecessary purchases and to maximize your resources.

Normal Lottery

By using Pirate points that you gain through events and rewards, you can get pets that are essential for the enhancement of your pirates along with other useful items.


Just have the sufficient amount of Gems, Food and Wanted Posters and you may add new Pirates, as well as valuable crews and pets. Lineup of Pirates, Crews and Pets to be scouted will be updated to the date and time that is displayed in the update section. You can also immediately update the lineup by consuming gems. Always check the Tavern for new lineups since some pirates are only obtainable through scouting.

Other Structures

As you advance through the world of War Pirates, you will be constructing other structures that will be of great use on your adventures. Here are some of the structures that you’ll first build in your hideout.

Training Grounds

In the Training Grounds, Pirates are enhanced to a point that they “Evolve”. A Pirate’s rarity or star value increases if they acquired the necessary conditions through this process. The Training Grounds will be accessible if stages 1-6 of the main story are cleared.


Small amount of gems can be gained here at a regular time interval. It can be built in the hideout after the Pirate Islands Map has been cleared.


Having a Temple in your Hideout will bestow a Gold bonus to your Merchant Ship. It can be built in the hideout after the Fallen Lagoon Map has been cleared.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs will increase the maximum value of your Stamina. It can be built in the hideout after the Ocean Purgatory Map has been cleared.

Over Cannon

The Over Cannon will increase the maximum value of your BP (Battle Points, points needed for PvP).

More on Pirate Development

In this section, we’ll be delving more into the details on how to further enhance your pirates’ power, defense, skill set and appearance.


Awakening is an important rite of passage in a pirate’s life in War Pirates. Success in this endeavor will not only grant the Awakened pirate new feats but a cool and new appearance as well!

Flow of the Awakening

1. When you go to the Status window of a pirate (while in the Pirate’s Quarters), go to the lowermost portion and tap on the Awakening Quest button. If the Awakening Quest button is accessible to that pirate, the Awakening Quest conditions window will open. You can also check "the starting region" in order to generate the awakening quest. A sword and shield icon will then be displayed on the map pointing you where to go in order to begin the quest.

File:Awakening Quests.jpg

2. At the hideout, some of your pirates will have conversation bubbles (light bulb icon) above their heads. After some of these conversations, an Awakening quest will begin. Upon completion of these quests, the Awakened pirate will have a new appearance and acquire new feats.

File:Walther Awakens.jpg


Pirate’s rarity (star value) is increased through Evolution. The pirate’s maximum status value will also increase. Pirates can only be promoted up to a maximum of 6 stars.

File:Promotion Power.jpg

Flow of the Evolution

1. Pirates that has reached the maximum level can be evolved in the Training Grounds. To elevate the rarity of a target Pirate, you’ll need to sacrifice other pirate of the same or higher rarity to it. You can also use pets of the same or higher rarity as well.

File:Promotion Star Value.jpg

2. When you place a pirate to participate in the promotion process, the increase to your pirate's status value after the evolution process will be displayed in green numbers.

File:Screenshot 2015-10-27-16-56-53.png

3. After a successful evolution, rarity and the maximum status value will increase, but the status level will revert back to 1. You will not be able to use feats that have been available at a higher status level, but will be unlocked when you reach the required status level again.

File:Screenshot 2015-10-27-16-57-08.png


Crews are basically lesser ranking pirates that you gain upon completing quests, scouting, rewards, etc... They support and strengthen Pirates. When a crew is designated to a pirate, its status will be added to the pirate’s status as well. In addition, their passive effects will also be shared. So in War Pirates, the company your pirates keep defines and enhances them. The number of crews that gather around a given pirate is limited. But there are ways to increase the number of crews a pirate may have. Like in evolution, wherein matched pirates with the same rarity (star value) as the pirate you want to enhance. You may also use pets (they have rarity also) instead of pirates. The reason why that is important is that it can unlock the previously unaccessible crew slots.

Set Crew to Pirates

Below are the steps to set a Crew to your Pirate:

1. At the Pirate Quarters, tap on the pirate you wish to have a crew, then tap on the Crew Support Setting.

2. Tap on an available crew slot.

3. Select a crew that you want to set to your Pirate from your crew list.

4. Tap the button at the bottom of the screen to confirm. Remember, if there’s a crew on the slot you wish to set a crew, the original crew will be lost due to it being overwritten. So, be careful where you place your crews.

Crew Dismissal

Dismissing crews is done to make room for more or better crews that you'll probably receive from quests or rewards. Because if your crew list is full then you can’t take in more crews. Crews you’ll receive from quests or rewards will be lost. To dismiss a crew that has not been set to a pirate, first select the crew you wish to dismiss, then at the bottom of the screen you may tap the Remove (Red) button, then press confirm. Crews already set on your pirates can also be dismissed if you select a new one from your crew list and overwriting the old one. Dismissed or lost crews cannot be undone or returned back.

Leveling Crews

Crew status will increase by leveling them up. Select the crew you want to level up at the Crew Support Setting in the Pirate’s Quarters and tap on the Green (Level up) button, a corresponding amount of food is consumed in the process.

Crew Limit

There is a limit to the number of crews you may have in possession. If you have reached the said limit, a system message will be displayed if you will acquire additional crews. You also won’t be able to acquire new crews in scouting and in the quests, crew rewards will the be lost. So, before doing a quest, it would be wise to decrease the number of crews you have in your possession first by using "crew dismissal” or “setting them to pirates”.

PvP (Player Versus Player)

In PvP, you will meet other players and do battles with them. PvP will be accessible after clearing quests 1-10 of the main story. Winning in PvP will earn you Medal points, and with these Medal Points you can exchange them for lots of important and luxury items.


Before PvP starts, this also goes for battles during quests, selection and placement of ships and pirates should be done first. Moreover, friends or helpers cannot assist you during PvP. Lastly, you can use up to 7 ships only.

Opponent Selection

Opponents in PvP will be matched randomly. If you want to change your opponent, just tap on the "Find Next" button. A specific amount of Gold is consumed whenever you change your opponent. 1 PvP point will be used when you tap on the "Battle" button to start the battle.

Opponent’s Strength and Points to be Earned

Just right the “Battle” button, the opponent’s potential value can be viewed. The PvP points the opponent has obtained in recent matches and Medal point strength values. Use these references when you're deciding which opponent to do battle with. Points obtained will change depending on the strength difference between you and your opponent.

Defense Set Up

Players will need to set up their own fleet for defense against attacks from other players in PvP. You can only use up to 7 ships during defense.

Point Exchange

Medal points earned in PvP can be exchanged for various cool stuff. Lineup of these items will be updated everyday at a predetermined period of time.


Rankings are determined according to the PvP Points gained in PvP. At a given date and time, accumulation of PvP points will be closed, and all rewards in accordance to the rankings will be provided.


A history of all attacks and defenses you made during the PvP period.

Attack Logs

Attacks made on an opponent is displayed and its results. Tap on the opponent’s name to view their details.

Defense Logs

Defenses made by an opponent to you is displayed and its results. Tap on the opponent’s name to view their details. You can also challenge and attack that opponent as a rematch.



Players who have friends in battle will always have an advantage. A friend’s Pirate Leader can be a backup in times of battles, also, there are quests that can be shared between friends. Furthermore, Pirate points are acquired whenever friends are used as a Pirate in Battles.

Transfer Setting

These are the necessary fields that you’ll need to know and fill up if you’re planning to transfer the game data that you’re currently playing to another device.

How to Set Transfer

1. Go to “Menu” then look for “Options”, proceed to “Other” then tap on “Transfer Setting” button.

2. Copy the transfer ID by tapping on the “Copy” button. You can paste the memo application and and email.

3. Set your preferred password in the corresponding input field. Enter the same password in the second input field to confirm.

4. Tap on the “settings” button to complete transfer setting.

Data Transfer

Enter the transfer ID and password that was last set in the Transfer Setting. You can now be able to transfer your game data to another device.

Data Transfer Procedure

1. Go to “Menu” then look for “Options”, proceed to “Other” then tap on “Data Transfer” button.

2. Enter Transfer ID and password that was last set in the Transfer Setting, in the corresponding input fields to complete the Data Transfer. You can access your previous game data. if you previously made a Data Transfer and entered the ID and password to the new or previous device. Game data from the previous device (if transferred to a different device) after the data transfer will be removed.


Gifts obtained from login bonuses, event prizes and the Pirates that exceeded the maximum number of Pirate you can have at the Pirate List, all goes and can be found inside the InBox. Whenever a new item arrives, the Inbox is displayed just below your Pirate Leader, Name and Level. Click on the inbox icon to claim the items inside. The Inbox can only store up to 200 slots, those that exceed that number will no longer be displayed. To view items beyond the 200th slot, just claim the other previous items. The Inbox only appears at the Hideout, when an item is delivered or ready to be received.

Game Tips

Recruiting Crew

You can sometimes get crew members to join you after winning a battle or you can scout for them at the Tavern.

Can't beat an enemy?

Think about upgrading ships. This adds a lot of combat power to your fleet.

Scouting Lineup

The scouting lineup changes several times a day. Rare pirates can appear, so check the Tavern often.

Wanted Posters

Gathering a certain number of wanted posters / Pirate Reward scrolls of a particular pirate will let you scout him as an ally after completion. Completing some quests will give you wanted posters / Pirate Reward scrolls.


Upgrading ships past a certain point requires blueprints. They can be acquired from enemies during quests or in quests in Treasure Island.

Melee and Gunners

Pirates are broadly split into melee types and gunner types. Melee types are for assaults, while gunner types have high firepower.

Discovering Hidden Quests

Clearing some quests can sometimes result in finding hidden ones. Your friends will be able to find them too, at times.

Expanding Crew Limit

Combining the same pirate characters increases the number of crew members that you can have a character join.

Leveling Up Your Crew

Crew members do not level up in battle but giving them Food will level them up. Max level is 5.

Pirates: Gunning skill

The gunning skill stat possessed by gunner type pirates increases the firepower of the warship they are on.


Defeating enemy ships and pirates may drop loot or crew members.

Pirates: Loading Skill

The loading skill stat possessed by gunner type pirates decreases the time for performing attacks and support of the warship they are on.


Clearing the main story on each map unlocks sub-story quests for you to enjoy.

Awakening Quests

Leveling up a pirate will unlock an awakening quest which can make them stronger after completion. Talk to them while you are in your hideout to start the quest.

Combination Enhancement

You can level pirates up by using other pirates you don't need. Go to the training grounds to access the menu to level them up.


Once evolved, the pirate’s number of stars and level cap will increase. Evolving requires pirates with the same number of stars, and that number of pirates as well.


Clearing an awakening quest causes that character to awaken (characters of all types can awaken). Awakening causes them to learn skills.

Ship sub-equipment

Leveling a ship to a certain point allows it to gain sub-equipment. Sub-equipment has various effects, and can each be upgraded.

Ship main equipment

A ship's basic function depends on its main equipment. Upgrading and leveling a ship increases its abilities.

Learning skills

Some pirates learn new skills by leveling up. Awakenings will always result in learning a new skill.

Main guns

During battle, you can tap to fire the mother ship's main guns. Sinking enemy ships increases ammo, so take them down one after another.


Gather medals in PVP, and trade them for items. High ranking will also offer special rewards.

Defense settings

If you're attacked in PVP, the ships you set up for defense will meet them. Fend them off with a powerful fleet.


Clearing missions gives you rewards. They're also useful for learning the game, so try them out.

Warship range

Warships each have their own range. Long range ships like the Long Ballista can fire straight into the heart of the enemy.


You can hire pirates and crew by scouting. You might also find cheap items or rare pirates at times.

Treasure island

Treasure Island, accessed from the special map, offers daily quests and hidden quests.


These are hard maps where HP does not recover after battle. You can recover and restart 1 time a day. You obtain better stuff the further you go.

Daily quests

Treasure Island offers different quests daily. You can obtain lots of resources and blueprints from enemies here.


Playing quests consumes stamina. 1 stamina recovers every 3 minutes of real time.


Usually, pirates and ships will attack the closest enemy. Therefore, it's recommended that you set pirates and ships with high HP in the front, since they're targeted the most.

Dropped Items

Defeating enemy pirates and ships has a chance to drop various items and crew.