Tahama Island
Number of missions: 1
Mission Name Sea Fowl and Weaver (2)
Story Having decided to fight the Dark Dragons, let's escort razor to her hometown.
Type Sub Story, Open Route
Stamina Requirements 6
Enemy Strength 11,835
Ships Max 5
Victory condition Defeat all enemies
Rewards 590 Gold
170 Grog
Loot Summary Swabbie x1
Stamina Recovery Potion x1
Duel Stamina Recovery Potion x1
Gold Ticket 2000 x1
Grog Ticket 2000 x1
Blueprints for Mother Ship x1
Blueprints for Armored Interceptor Ship x1
Blueprints for March Ship x1
Blueprints for Tactician's Assault Ship x1
Enemy Pirates Musketeers Level 10 1 Star Green x1
Defender Level 15 3 Star Blue x1
Swashbuckler Level 10 1 Star Green x1
Cannoneer Level 10 1 Star Red x3
Enemy Ships Hero's Assault Ship x2
Armor Interceptor Ship x1
Cannon Frigate Ship x3
Gold Ship x1