Active Skills

These are the skills that a player can activate during a battle. Each skills differs per pirate, be sure to check what they can do to use them properly.

The skill gauge is displayed below a pirate’s icon and this indicates when a skill can be used. The gauge fills up as time passes during battle, take note that the speed of the gauge filling up is different from each pirate.

Skill 1 -2

When the skill gauge is full, the pirate icon will be highlighted and the player can activate the skill by tapping it. After tapping the icon, the button "Activate Skill" will appear and you can tap on it (or the pirate icon again) to execute the skill.

Skill 2a-0

The direction where the skill is directed (if possible) can be set by swiping in the direction you want it to be fired. However, when there is no target in the area the player has selected, the skill will not activate.

Once used, the skill gauge will empty and the player must wait for the gauge to fill up again to reuse the skill.

Skill 3-0

Passive Skills

These are skills that a pirate already has before the battle even began. Some skills are only available when a pirate has reached a certain required level. You can check a Pirate's Passive skill in their respective Status window.

Skill 4