War Pirates features a lot of fun and challenging quests. Some quests allow you to gain access to new areas or get new items. Not all quests can be accessed by anyone as there are special and condition-based quests which will only be opened to the most foolhardy and fearless pirates.

Types of Quests

There are roughly six (7) types of quests in War Pirates. These are the following:

  • Main story, which when completed allows you to advance in the map
  • Sub story, which shows you another part of the overall story
  • General quests
  • Pirate Awakening quests
  • Treasure Island quests
  • Daily Missions
  • Achievements

Main Story

These are quests you need to complete for the main story to progress. If you clear all of the main story in a given map, the route to the next area opens.

Sub Story

These are alternate quests that are also available under the main story menu which gives more information about the storyline.

General Quests

These are quests that do not feature a story to progress or open a new route to be explored. These quests sometimes yield Wanted Posters as rewards!

Awakening Quests

As pirates constantly become stronger and their levels higher, a specific pirate story quest opens up. Upon completion, pirates will be awakened, gain additional skills and will become stronger. They will also gain an additional cool look.

Hidden Quests

These are quests that are only released when certain conditions have been fulfilled. Hidden quests that have been opened can be shared with friends. But keep in mind that hidden quests will close after a certain period of time has passed.

Daily Missions

Daily quests are quest which you can repeat daily. To access or claim the rewards go to the lower left section of your Hideout for the "Mission" icon.


Achievements are quest that you can finish to receive additional rewards. These quests are not repeatable but most of the quests gives you accumulated rewards when you have reach a certain point of the quest.