In PvP, you will meet other players and do battles with them. PvP will be accessible after clearing quests 1-10 of the main story. Participating in these battles may earn you PvP points, medal points and awesome rewards. Winning in PvP will earn you Medal points, and with these Medal Points you can exchange them for lots of important and rare items.

Like the usual quest battles, before beginning the PvP battles, you can arrange the ships and pirates to be deployed. However, you are unable to use support from friends or other players. Also, you can deploy up to a maximum of 7 ships only.

Opponent Selection

Opponents in PvP will be matched randomly. If you want to change your opponent, just tap on the "Find Next" button. A specific amount of Gold is consumed whenever you change your opponent. When you tap the "Battle!" button, you will use 1 BP (Battle Point) and the battle will commence.

Duel home screen

Opponent's fleet strength & points obtainable

To the right of the "Battle!" button, the opponent's fleet strength, the points you can earn from the battle and medal points are shown. Use these references when you're deciding which opponent to do battle with. The difference between your fleet strength versus your opponent's can affect the points earned.

Duel select