Battles start by assigning a certain number of ships during a mission. The number of ships you can bring differs every quest. Upon pressing the Battle Start button, pirates will start to attack the opposing fleet automatically so be mindful of the pirates you choose to bring in battles!

Pre-battle interface

1. Ships Limit Count

This is the number of ships positioned for battle. The number on the right indicates the limit of the number of ships that can be deployed, while the number on the left indicates the current number of ships already positioned.

2. Auto Select

Pirates and ships will be automatically assigned to the formation on which will give you your highest Fleet Strength..

3. Fleet Formation

The area where your ships is deployed. The Rear line is reserved for your Mother Ship, the Center Line is for your Ranged and Support Ships and the Front Line are for your Attack and Defense Ships.

Note: You can only put maximum of 5 ships at a section, at a time.This means you can only use 5 ships at the front line max or 5 ships in the Center Line max.

4. Fleet Strength

This is the total strength value of your currently deployed fleet.

5. Exit

Button to close the Pre-battle interface and return to the Map. Stamina points will not be consumed.

6. Deploy Button


Reinforcement Menu will pop-up after pushing this button. This lets you choose one on the list which will help you in your battle. 30 Pirate Points will be awarded to the one you select after the battle has won. Battle will commence and stamina points will be consumed after selecting your reinforcement.

Note: Reinforcement Menu is not available in Duel.

7. Change Ship Line Up

The area where you can select the ships you own to be used for battle and shows the level of the ship you currently have.

8. Pirate Sorting

You are able to sort Pirates you currently have into different categories: Rarity, Obtained, ID, Type, Level, HP, ATK, Gunnery and Loading.

9. Ship Sorting

You are able to sort the entire list of ships you currently have by: Obtained, Color, Level and HP.

10. Current Pirate List

This is the area where all the available pirates you have is sorted.

Note: You are not allowed to use the same Pirate per battle regardless of the pirate class.