Recruiting Pirates

You can recruit new pirates through the Recruitment system, scouting and by collecting wanted posters. In addition, some pirates may eventually join you when advancing through the main and sub stories.


You can get a random pirate in the Recruitment system. Currently, there are two kinds:

Premium Recruit: 3-5 Star Pirates are available in the Lottery and can be acquired randomly by consuming a certain number of gems.

Normal Recruit: By using up Pirate Points, you can randomly get Pirate Rewards, pets or Food/Gold coupons.


You can scout for new pirate heroes, crew and pets at the Tavern which is located inside your hideout. They can be recruited by exchanging a specific number of Food, Gems or Wanted Posters.

Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters can be obtained by completing quests or via login bonuses. You can recruit a pirate by collecting a specific number of Wanted Posters as indicated in the Tavern.

Note: When you acquire pirates while having the maximum number of pirates possible, the extra pirates will go directly into your game Inbox.