Pirate Class
Archer Green 0

These are pirates possessing the power of flight! Any melee attacks from below will not be able to reach or harm them. The skies are their domain and they will shoot down the nearest enemy within their range.

Brute Blue 0

These pirates are bent on pounding enemy middle line ships. Once the battle begins, they will run into their intended target and try to eliminate the enemy’s big guns as soon as possible.

Cannoneer Red 0

These pirates specialize in the use and enhancement of Artillery Ships. Most of the Artillery Troop's skills affect and is dependent on your Artillery Ships.

Corsair Green 0

These pirates are as skillful as Swordsmen, but can be twice as deadly. They attack and slice enemy pirates first before anything else.

Defender Blue 0

These are pirates who prioritize defense over offense. They are the once who protect their allies during combat. Most have the skill to reduce incoming damage.

Healer Green 0

The supporting pirates! Their objective is to heal their allies to make sure everyone will last during battle.

Mage Blue 0

These pirates utilize magic to make an attack from a safe distance. Their attack power increases each time a triggered skill is performed during battle.

Musketeer Red 0

These are pirates who attack the enemy from a distance. Musketeers will fire at the closest target in their range

Spearman Green 0

These pirates' top priority in battle is to put enemy ships at the bottom of the sea - where they belong!

Support White 0

These pirates may have weak attack power but have a huge impact in battle. They use your support ships and enhance its capabilities.

Swashbuckler Red 0

These pirates are skillful in using the sword and attack enemies at a closer range. Swordsmen will make short work of any enemy who enters their attack range.