Players who have friends in battle will always have an advantage. A friend’s Pirate Leader can be a backup in times of battles, also, there are quests that can be shared between friends. Furthermore, Pirate points are acquired whenever friends are used as a Pirate in Battles.

Transfer Setting

These are the necessary fields that you’ll need to know and fill up if you’re planning to transfer the game data that you’re currently playing to another device.

How to Set Transfer

1. Go to “Menu” then look for “Options”, proceed to “Other” then tap on “Transfer Setting” button.

2. Copy the transfer ID by tapping on the “Copy” button. You can paste the memo application and and email.

3. Set your preferred password in the corresponding input field. Enter the same password in the second input field to confirm.

4. Tap on the “settings” button to complete transfer setting.

Data Transfer

Enter the transfer ID and password that was last set in the Transfer Setting. You can now be able to transfer your game data to another device.

Data Transfer Procedure

1. Go to “Menu” then look for “Options”, proceed to “Other” then tap on “Data Transfer” button.

2. Enter Transfer ID and password that was last set in the Transfer Setting, in the corresponding input fields to complete the Data Transfer. You can access your previous game data. if you previously made a Data Transfer and entered the ID and password to the new or previous device. Game data from the previous device (if transferred to a different device) after the data transfer will be removed.


Gifts obtained from login bonuses, event prizes and the Pirates that exceeded the maximum number of Pirate you can have at the Pirate List, all goes and can be found inside the InBox. Whenever a new item arrives, the Inbox is displayed just below your Pirate Leader, Name and Level. Click on the inbox icon to claim the items inside. The Inbox can only store up to 200 slots, those that exceed that number will no longer be displayed. To view items beyond the 200th slot, just claim the other previous items. The Inbox only appears at the Hideout, when an item is delivered or ready to be received.