Nea Lighthouse
Number of missions: 1
Mission Name 1-4 Escape
Story We arrived at the lighthouse with the captured princess. It's time to escape.
Type Main Story, Open Route
Stamina Requirements 4
Enemy Strength 2,553
Ships Max 3
Victory condition Defeat all enemies.
Rewards 330 Gold
0 Grog
Loot Summary Swabbie x1
Stamina Recovery Potion x1
Duel Stamina Recovery Potion x1
Gold Ticket 1000 x1
Grog Ticket 1000 x1
Enemy Pirates Narya (Corsair) Level 7 1 Star Red x1
Musketeer Level 4 1 star Green x1
Cannoneer Level 4 1 star Red x1
Enemy Ships Hero Assault Ship x2
Cannon Frigate Ship x1
Gold Ship x1
Ship Obtainable Armored Giant Shield Ship x1