Main Battle

1. Auto Battle

This button will switch the Auto Battle Mode On or Off. This mode will not be available in quests that has not been cleared yet.

2. Fleet Gauge and Timer

The total Health of your fleet and your enemy. On the left side is the Health value of your fleet (green) and at the right side is the enemy fleet (red). A timer under the gauge displays how much time is left in the battle. If you fail to defeat the enemy before the time is up, you will lose the battle.

3. Victory Condition

Displays the condition you need to meet to win the battle. Getting all your pirates and ships eliminated will result to defeat. Consuming the time and not completing the conditions also results on defeat.

4. Battle Menu

Battle options which where you can pause the game or surrender the battle.

5. Battle Logs

Battle Logs of your battle. Status boost and debuffs are shown here.

6. Ally/Enemy Fleet

You can view your own ships and pirates as well as your enemy’s. You may also zoom in or out for a better view.

7. Start Battle Button

The battle will begin once you tap this button.

8. Obtainable resources

This shows the number of gold and food that you can get upon winning the battle.

9. Pirate skill button

A display of the pirates you currently have and their skill cooldown. You may trigger a Pirate’s skill when their icon flashes and tapping on them.

10. Cannon Icon

It shows you the number of cannon ammo you have and the reload status. Whenever you destroy an enemy ship or structure, you will receive more cannonballs to fire with.