5 Stars
Chief of Rage
Spearman Green 0
Heindall Spearman 0
Level 1/60
HP 2952
Attack 3564
Gunnery 0
Loading 0
Swabbie Slots 5/10
Active Skill Galgan Massive Attack

Causes moderate damage to enemies within specified area and blows them away.

Passive Skill Full Swing [HYPER]

Normal attacks have a high chance of becoming small area of effect attacks.

Passive Skill Clear Trap
"Feel my rage, and remember it!"

The head of a family in the Galgan tribe particularly known for strength. He always conceals his face with a tiger mask, and few know what he really looks like. His tone is usually calm and kind, but he becomes a demon in battle.

Available from level 30

When you activate an enemy trap, the trap's effects are nullified.

Passive Skill Focus
Acquired by clearing Awakening Quest.

Available from level 60

Normal attacks have a low chance to provide a slight boost to own attacks until the end of battle

Other Classes Brute Blue 0Spearman Red 0