Pirates who lend a hand in winning battles will gain Battle Experience points which helps them level up. Their level and status will improve as their experience increases. However, pirates can further be enhanced through other means, mainly by using the “Strengthen” and “Promotion” systems.

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Choose a pirate you want to combine with and level it up faster by using the strength of other pirates and pets! An amount of Grog is consumed during this process and the pirates used to increase the level of a target pirate will be removed from your roster permanently.

1. To start, tap on the Training Grounds in your Hideout.

2. Tap on "Strengthen"

3. Tap first on the pirate that you want to strengthen.

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4. Then tap on the Pirate(s), or Monkey Item(s) that will be consumed.

Monkey Items are used to replace a sacrificial piece in the Strengthening process. There are 2 types of Monkey Items, one gives you large amount of EXP, the other unlocks your pirate's crew slots.

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You can also use the same Pirate (even different type) to open your crew slots, see image for example.

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5. Tap "Set". Take note that the first pirate that you select in Strengthen function will be the one to receive the benefits of it, the other selected pirates or items will be sacrificed and removed from your roster so be careful always!


Promotion is a process where a Pirate’s rarity (Star Value) is raised. The pirate’s maximum status value will also increase. Pirates can only be promoted up to a maximum of 6 stars.

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Flow of the Evolution

1. When pirates reach the maximum level of their current rank, they can be promoted at the Training Grounds. To promote a pirate, you’ll need to sacrifice other pirate of the same rarity to it. You can also use Parrots of the same rarity as well instead of pirates.

Note: 5 Star Pirates would need 5 pieces of 5 Star rating Pirate or 5 star Parrots, 4 Stars Pirates would need 4 pieces of 4 star pirates or 4 star parrot and so on.

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2. When you combine pirates who will aid in the Promotion process, the increase to your pirate's status value after the evolution process will be displayed in green numbers.

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3. After evolution, rarity and the maximum status value will increase, but the evolved pirate's level will revert back to 1. You will not be able to use skills that have been available at a higher status level, but will be unlocked when you reach the required level again.

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