Swabbie Dismissal

Dismissing a swabbie is done to make room for more or better swabbies that you may acquire from quests or rewards. To dismiss a swabbie, just simply tap on any of them, and at the bottom of the screen, you may need to tap the red button that indicates "Sell" twice to complete the process. Doing so will give you "Pirate Points" which you may use in the Normal Recruit in the "Argo Tavern".

You may also dismiss an already assigned swabbie to your pirate by simply replacing them with another swabbie before selling.

Dimissed swabbies cannot be retrieved in any way, so keep that in mind. 

Swabbie rating Points reward after selling
5 Star Swabbie 50 Points
Screenshot 2016-01-05-14-35-23
4 Star Swabbie 25 Points
3 Star Swabbie 15 Points
2 Star Swabbie 10 Points
1 Star Swabbie 5 Points