Data Transfer Settings

These are settings so you can transfer the data of your current game to another device.

How to transfer your game data

Transfer ID

1. Go to "Sub menu", proceed to "Options", then to "Others", and finally tap on "Data Transfer Settings".

2. Copy the Data Transfer ID.

When you tap on the "Copy" button, you will copy the ID. You can then paste that onto your memo.

3. Enter a password in the designated box. Set any password that you have in mind.

4. To finish things up, tap on the "Settings" button.

You have now defined the settings for data transfer.

Data Transfer

At the "Data Transfer Setting", you can enter a password in order for you to transfer your game data to another device.

How to transfer your game data

1. After installing War Pirates, you can tap on the "Existing Account" button or by going to the "Data Transfer" in the options. Side menu>Options>Others>Data Transfer

2. Input your "Transfer ID" and "Password" you have set (in the Transfer Settings), then press "Start game".

Once done, you should be able to play the game where you have left off previously. If you transfer your previous game data to a device that has new data, the current progress will be overwritten with your previous game progress.

This works on both iOS and Android devices.