Gold is the common currency used in the world of War Pirates and is used to upgrade ships and buildings in your Hideout. It can be obtained from enemy ships in quests, treasure boxes from the main map, as quest rewards, and also from your own gold Merchant Ship in your Hideout. You can also get gold in the Treasure Island (special map) quests.



Mainly used to recruit pirates, swabbies, monkey items and parrots from the Tavern. Grog is also used to level-up your swabbies in the Pirate Quarters.

You can acquire Grog from various locations in different maps and also be looted from other players in Duel.



Gems are the most valuable resource available, which can help turn the tides of battle in War Pirates. By using Gems, you can access a lot of useful functions in-game which in turn, grants an advantage to your game's progress. You can use Gems to buy pirates in the Tavern, finish building upgrades, buy resources and replenish your stamina.

How to Obtain Gems

Gems can be obtained for free from login bonuses and certain quests in the game. Gems can also be collected periodically from the Market which can be found in your Hideout. You can also get more Gems by purchasing it from the cash shop. Simply tap on the + button at the right side of the Gem Bar or through the Tavern by tapping on the "Buy Gems" button to access the shop.

Gem Types

There are different kinds of Gems: those that you have paid for through the shop, those that you bought at a discounted price, and free ones given out through campaigns or rewards. When you use Gems, those that are given for free will be used first.

Decoration Points/Exchange Points

Decoration points are one of War Pirate's currency to obtain items that can't be gained from main, sub-quest and participating in the duel rankings

You can spend your hard earned Decoration Points that you obtained through Duel and Bloodline in Exchange Points found in both Duel interface and Bloodline map.!

Items Cooldown Decoration Points
Wanted poster for Blaze (Swashbuckler) 30 days 2500
Hyper Grade Slot Monkey Kikkie 30 days 2500
Super Grade Promotion Bird Flint 7 days 1500
Wanted poster for Jester (Cannoneer) 1 day 700
Super Grade Slot Monkey Kikkie 1 day 8000
Super Grade Promotion Bird Flint 1 day 1500
Wanted poster for Centurion (defender) 1 day 700
Wanted poster for Ponce (Healer) 1 day 700
Wanted poster for Inazuma (Cannoneer) 1 day 8000
Duel Stamina Recovery Potion 1 day 250
Blueprints for Mother Ship x3 1 day 300

Pirate Coins

Currency used in the Normal Recruit tab in the Tavern. You can buy random items by using the Basic Recruit or a random Pirate whick cost 10,000 Pirate Coins. You can acquire Pirate Coins by Dismissing swabbies and by using other players as Reinforcement each battle.

You can get Pirate Coins from Reinforcements. The amount you get is indicated in the lower right portion of the Player info. For dismissing swabbies, the amount you receive depends on the Star rating of the swabbie:

Reinforcements Pirate coins
Swabbie rating Pirate Coins Reward
5 Star Swabbie 50 Coins
4 Star Swabbie 25 Coins
3 Star Swabbie 15 Coins
2 Star Swabbie 10 Coins
1 Star Swabbie 5 Coins