Bloodline is a special map that will test a player's ability to survive formidable enemy fleets. You can access this special map when you have finished the Mission Map 2-12.

Special maps

The map offers the following challenges:

- Pirate's health does not restore after a battle.

- Ship's health does not restore after a battle.

- 15 rounds of continues battles giving rewards after each battle.

- Enemy battle power increases gradually in each progress.

Pirate and Ship HP

Each round you finish, the remaining HP value of your pirates and ships will be retained to the next round. As well as your pirate's skill cool down.

Pirate HP and Ship HP


Rewards vary on each stage. Golden Treasure Chest gives a higher amount of a particular item compared with the normal treasure chest.

Last Battle Clear
Final Treasure chest

Item Rewards in the Bloodline map are:

- Gold

- Grog

- Stamina Recovery Potions

- Duel Stamina Recovery Potions

- Gems

- Swabbies

Bloodline Clear