Awakening Quests

Awakening is an important rite of passage in a pirate’s life in War Pirates. As pirates constantly become stronger and their levels higher, a specific pirate story quest opens up. Success in this quest will not only grant the Awakened pirate additional Passive Skills but a cool and new appearance as well!

Flow of the Awakening

1. When you go to the Status window of a pirate (while in the Pirate’s Quarters), go to the lowermost portion and tap on the Awakening Quest button.

Screenshot 2016-01-04-12-54-32
Screenshot 2016-01-04-12-54-36

If the Awakening Quest button is accessible to that pirate, the Awakening Quest conditions window will open. In order to start the quest, you will need to unlock the Quest Area where the quest will take place and have reached the required level of that pirate.

2. At the Hideout, some of your pirates have conversation bubbles (Light bulb icon) above their heads. Tap the Bulb icon to start the Awakening quest story.

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When the conversation is finished, a pop-up window will come out and you can now start the Awakening quest.

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Screenshot 2016-01-04-12-55-45-0

Upon completion of the awakening quests, the Awakened pirate will have a new appearance and acquire new passive skills.

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